Friday, April 6, 2012

A few choice words about Ann Curry

Photo caption: Co-host Ann Curry, guest Tori Spelling and guest co-host Sarah Palin make a meal of it on the Today show. This is a whole lot of annoying in one segment.

[Editor's note] Let me reiterate my feelings on Ann Curry. It's not that I hate Ann, although that's not far from the truth. It's just that she's not suited to anchor a morning show. She's not warm or delicate. She's not clever or endearing. She's not good at impromptu banter. And she has no chemistry with Matt or Al.

She's abrasive and obnoxious. She has an off-putting laugh and a jarring sense of style(?). All this I could forgive if she wasn't such a self-centered interviewer. Ann's motto: How does your story relate to me? As someone on the Ann Curry Sucks FB page put it, "NBC needs to recognize that the attractive power of Matt Lauer is being overwhelmed by the repellent influence of Ann Curry."

No one is disputing the fact that Today is a better show that GMA. I root for Today. But even loyal fans of the franchise have come to agree that Ann Curry's personality is enough to make us change the channel.

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