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An open letter to the few but loyal readers of
Jerry Curl

[Editor’s note] I’d like to apologize for my unannounced and lengthy sabbatical from the blogosphere. Contrary to unpublished reports, this was not because I joined a Melissa Manchester-worshipping cult or because I eloped with a handsome millionaire mogul. But now that I think about it, sign me up for both!

The truth is that after graduation my brain was fried. I didn’t blog, or write, or read anything for a long time. Finishing books and writing to long-time pen pals became daunting tasks that only served to reinforce what I most feared: that my literary days were over. After all, how can you consider yourself a writer if you’re not writing anything?
Clearly, the scars that college left behind were deep and needed to heal.
As any writer can tell you, writing is the most fickle of crafts. When you’re hot, you can’t type fast enough because the words come a mile a minute. That sort of inspired writing is probably the best high of all. It makes you feel invincible. I think my friend K…