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A Gleeful Goodbye

I think one of the most important things to master in life is how to say goodbye. Saying it at the right time, in the right place, and sometimes to the right person is a true mark of maturity. 
Tonight we said goodbye of another sort. After six seasons and 121 episodes, Glee brought the curtain down for the final time. The following is a reflection on the show, its legacy, and what it taught us about music and ultimately about ourselves.
Glee debuted in 2009 after some big football game. It was then that my unrelenting fandom for all things Glee-related began. I watched every episode religiously. I bought the CDs (yes kids, actual CDs) every time they were released. And for a while there, no Christmas was complete without Glee’s holiday album.
In so doing, I kinda felt as though I was an honorary member of their club. I was a Gleek.
However, in recent years the show strayed from its original premise of following our high school students. Or rather, it split between its original cast now …