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The pitfalls of cultural isolation

[Editor's note] I had an epiphany tonight after watching this week’s episode of Glee. Although I was pleased to see that it has transitioned nicely from a high school dramady to something more adult and solid, the epiphany wasn’t about the show.

No, tonight’s epiphany was about me and how I relate to the world. Or, as you will come to understand, how I don't relate to the world.

At some point late last year I made a committed effort to remove myself from a lot of things that most people would consider essential for the modern world. I logged off Facebook. I stopped watching popular television shows (this is where Glee comes in). I stopped going to the movies. I stopped listening to Top 40 radio stations. I even stopped reading the news, which long-time Jerry Curl readers have undoubtedly noticed.

My abject rejection of contemporary culture is not really anything new. I could probably write a lengthy dissertation on the inadequacies of Taylor Swift. However, the persistence and …