Regarding Steve Grand at Market Days

Today, in the unlikeliest place imaginable, a musician restored my faith in music. His name is Steve Grand and believe me when I say that he lives up to his name.

I first heard about Steve a year ago when his video for “All-American Boy” spread across the Internet like a wildfire. Being an ardent supporter of talented people (because there are so few of them left!) I downloaded the song, donated a little money to his Kickstarter campaign for an album, and followed him on the Twitter.

Then last week I found out that he’d be at Market Days this weekend and quickly made arrangements to be there, too. Given the venue and nature of the audience, I was not expecting much. Steve is handsome and built like a truck, so I thought he’d come out shirtless, the audience of boys would fawn over him for the duration of three songs, and that would be that.

How wonderfully wrong I was.

Steve came out fully clothed-- wearing a plain white V-neck tee shirt, skinny black Levis, and boots. The audience did its fair share of fawning, but we quickly gathered our wits about us to pay attention. And pay attention we did: no one around me moved or left for the entire hour he was on. I couldn’t tell if they were long-time fans or if they were just discovering him for the first time, but we were all firmly in his musical grasp.

The show itself was an eclectic mix of some new songs, some old songs, and some borrowed songs. He performed versions of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and Elton’s “Benny and the Jets” that would’ve made them both proud. He did his song “Stay” (my personal favorite) and “Back to California” which he assured us is not about him going straight ::phew:: He also sang a lot of catchy new material that will be on the new album and closed with “All-American Boy”. By the time he finished his set, I was a sweaty pile of musical delirium.

There were just so many things to enjoy about this show. 

Steve himself came across endearingly sweet and funny. He seems like a regular dude, who loves music, and is humbled by all the attention he’s received. He also can’t pronounce the word anonymity  so bless his heart. He's cute but he’s talented, too— and for once the latter outweighs the former! Not only does he sing and write(?) his songs, but he plays the guitar and the keyboard. Can Britney do that, any of that? 

My point here is that Steve Grand is a terrific throwback to when artists were really artists. You can tell by the way he performs that he is personally and profoundly invested in his music. His is the broken heart in his songs. He is the one writing his “songs of love, and life, and loss, and just a few about you”. He is the All-American boy that we will root for now and forever.


What a wonderful day out! Talent will ALWAYS win and we all know that Steve Grand is both a talent and a winner!
David Cody said…
I'm a huge fan of steve grand. I wish someone would give him a break. He's new, young, and has such a great work ethic it seems almost impossible that his music is just a blowin in the wind !!!
Anonymous said…
Since there is no "like" button, good review. Wish I was there.
Unknown said…
He's awesome and it's true, Britney can barely walk.
Mr Happy said…
Can't wait to see him in Oklahoma City next month.
Anonymous said…
I have to say when I first discovered him I thought he would be another plastic artist, but what a slap on my face! The sweetest one! :)
I can't wait for the album!
He seems to be destined to be the voice of millions of gay people who really needed something else in music, his voices to be heard... No more Gaga or plastic stuff please, this is what I needed! :) LOVE YOU STEVE!!!! :) Can't stop listening to your songs!!:D
keith rasnake said…
I was the aab video when the counter was stuck and 301+ thing and I knew that this kid was the one .I re posted to my account and with ten minutes I have 20 likes and a few reposts from me . I posted to the youtube page that some should send his mom flowers .And minute later I got a thank you from his mom ! We drove the four hours over to Chicago to see him at the bar he was playing at and you just know that he is going to make it . He is making the right business decisions, and marketing the real him and not the preprogramed formula that industrial uses now a days . kind of the way Rush did it and good for him . And lets admitted That smile ... could melt lead..
Don Vicknair said…
I've been a huge fan of Steve from day 1 as well... (OK day 2 on 7/3/13) At first, yes, the cute smile and nice bod grabbed my attention, but the TALENT this young man possesses grabbed my (often) jaded soul. I've downloaded the songs, bought the shirts, posters, and was genuinely PROUD to be able to be a part of the Kickstarter program. I even drove the 10 hours from New Orleans to St. Louis to catch him live (and dragged 3 friends along, who are now fans as well). It was the highlight of my year! I suggest anyone who believes in REAL music to support him in any way they can.

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