Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ann Curry strikes again

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Please watch the video above before proceeding with this post.

[Editor's note] Ok. Now that you've seen it, let's talk about Ann Curry. From her obnoxiously bright outfit to the reference mistake at the end, this clip pretty much sums up every exasperating characteristic in Ann's arsenal of annoying.

Did you really have to name all those people while standing in gale force winds, Ann? Did you really?

What gets me most about this whole thing is that she is completely unaware of how annoying she is. Matt and Al know it (Did you notice the look they exchanged while she was droning on with that list?). I'm sure Katie and Meredith knew it, too. The crew of the Today show for sure know it. And dare I say, AMERICA knows it. Yet she, the epicenter of all things detestable in morning news, remains blissfully in the dark.

I wish I didn't feel this way about her. I also wish she'd stop hogging the lines from Matt. I wish she'd stop making jokes that no one gets or laughs at. I wish she'd stop badgering her interviewees. I wish she'd stop leaning into her interviewees. I wish she'd let her interviewees respond completely without her interruptions. I wish she would stop interjecting with her opinions on things, no one cares. Above and beyond all else, I wish she would stop throwing herself at Brad Pitt.

Someone once told me that if you ever want to ruin some one's day, just honk your horn at them. That's what Ann Curry is for me-- an annoying early morning horn honk.


Anonymous said...

u wished more than a kid with cancer on make a wish foundation

Jessica said...

You know....I actually liked her and her personality a lot when she had her old position. Now in this lead role she IS becoming annoying.

Anonymous said...

There's a Facebook page "Ann Curry Sucks" where others vent about how annoying and phony she is! How boring she is -- with no wit whatsoever and stupid statements. Can't wait to get rid of this woman!

Anonymous said...

yes, see FB page "ann curry sucks" -- come bitch with us and make book on when NBC is going to give this major news boob the old heave-ho!!! and please hurry, she is getting on everyone's last nerve!! I dare say we may call on occupation on the plaza, and our goal will be utterly clear -- no more inANNity on the today show!!!

Anonymous said...

please get rid of ann before matt leaves!! today will sink like the titanic without him! none of us can stand her! natalie should take ann's place, she is charming and delightful and at ease in front of the camera. ann is like watching a cow endlessly compete in a charleston contest -- GEEZ, get her off the stage!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT story! You said it so well. Love this!
Oh, and she is my honk too.

Anonymous said...

OMG..YES! I thought for sure I was the only one sitting here suffering, yes SUFFERING in silence! I love the Today Show, but she sucks! I didn't like her on the newsdesk, I hated her on Dateline and I dreaded her filling in for Meredith and Katie...I literally have nothing else to add---your list of wishes is completely the exact replica of all the stuff I hate that she does...I'm no morning person, but now I can't even fake it because I get that annoying tingle up the back of my neck that you get when someone scratches a chalkboard or scrapes their fork on a plate...she is horrible! Can't NBC see that even Matt and Al can't stand her????