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Make Subscription Boxes Great Again: An open letter to Funko

Dear Funko,
I hope you read the following in the spirit of constructive criticism with which it is intended.
I've been collecting Funko POPs! since 2011. At that time, my meager little collection included only Disney villains. Since then, things have gotten progressively more diversified.
Last year, I jumped on the subscription box bandwagon for the first time. My first box was the Women of DC | Legion of Collectors box. It was a blind buy but I was sure that, with so many amazing heroines to pick from, the selection would be phenomenal. I was not disappointed: The Wonder Woman Invisible Jet, the un-Funkoed heroines tee, the artisty Batgirl patch. I didn't even mind the Harley Quinn pin. And that Hawkgirl POP! remains one of the crowning jewels of my collection.
The next Legion box was to be the Villains of Batman so I stuck around. That too was a terrific box.
Euphoric with excitement and never being party to legendary comic rivalries, I quickly subscribed to the Marvel Collector …