Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rosie addresses her shows cancellation

[Editor's note] Few people I know were as excited for Rosie O' Donnell's comeback as me. I have enjoyed Rosie since I was 8 years old and having her return to a platform that allowed her to be an everyday presence was pretty awesome.

However, even I stopped watching the Rosie Show early on. From the beginning, it felt contrived and ingenuine. Rosie is funny and off the cuff, and truthfully neither one of those attributes came across. The format of the show (weird 7PM time slot included), coupled with guests that were frankly not very interesting (see: debut episode with Russell Brand), doomed the show from the beginning.

Even the Liza Minnelli episode left a lot to be desired. And trust, I was in a gay tizzy over that one.

I know OWN is struggling as a network. I know that Oprah and Rosie will continue to make millions of dollars. But I also know that the television landscape needs them both. I refuse to believe that these powerful, smart women have seen their hey-days come and gone.

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