Monday, August 11, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

I scarcely know how to convey the tremendous sadness I feel in my heart over Robin Williams’ passing.

The first word and the one I keep coming back to is obliterated. I am completely and utterly obliterated by the untimely passing of someone who taught me so much about being a funny grown up.

As Mork, he taught me to see things differently. As an aging Peter Pan, he taught me how to keep believing. He taught me all about being a friend as the Genie. He taught me compassion as Patch Adams and he taught me about boundless and unconditional love as Mrs. Doubtfire. Then there were the less obvious, but supremely important lessons in Flubber, Ferngully, and Jumanji. Perhaps most important of all though, he taught me how to love myself no matter what anyone may think in The Birdcage.

I am sad that the joy he brought me and countless others was not something that he could find for himself. Whether he was a good man, or a drunk man, or a sad man in his personal life-- Robin Williams was and will remain a bedrock of my childhood. 

I hope he’s making the angels laugh as much as he made us laugh down here. Two Jews walk into a bar...

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