Thursday, February 6, 2014

A letter of reintroduction

Dear reader,

They say that old habits die hard. They also say that "Die Hard" was a great movie. I don't know who they are exactly so I can't confirm either statement, but I do know a thing or two about loving what you do. Unfortunately, I happen to know a little bit more about not-doing what you love and hating that.

I love to write but it's hard to consider yourself a writer if you don't actually write anything. (I hope you read the bit about being a writer in a deeply exaggerated whisper like I did.)

It's not for lack of valid and important opinions on things. Ask anyone I know or date, I have an opinion on almost everything. Some of them are thoughtful and informed opinions on matters of the day. A few others are just speculations or a regurgitation of whatever Cokie Roberts taught me on NPR that Monday morning. The majority though are downright unreasonable rants against whatever I'm annoyed by that particular week.

Whatever the case may be, writing is like a habit with me-- a habit that ebbs and flows but never really goes away. Writing, like most great passions, burns bright and hot. The more you write, the easier is gets. The easier it gets, the more your write. So eventually you love it so much that you start to hate it. I think that's what happened to me. I stopped writing because I stopped caring about my own opinions. More to the point, I stopped trying to defend my opinions. Although they were always dripping with righteous indignation, I just kept asking myself what a writer should never ask: who the hell cares?

While I don't particularly like writing about myself, I find that writing helps me sort out my world in countless and cathartic ways. So what I've come to realize is that no one has to care but me. And that's what you'll get here from now on-- personally important opinions about everything.

Hoping we all stick around for the ride,


Jessica said...

your back! :)

Jessica said...
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