Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reflections on Miami Beach Pride

[Editor's note] I can’t pretend to know much about today’s gays. In truth, talk of the Kardashian’s, Nicki Minaj, or the “Real” Housewives of Where Ever usually befuddles me. For better or worse, my interests are of a decidedly older generation. I don’t know if that’s an indictment of today’s culture or not, but I often feel that the gays of today are being short-changed on every front of entertainment.

In any event, I think that Gay Pride Parades are the great equalizers of the community. It doesn’t matter if you know Judy Garland or not (:: bites fist ::), or if you’re young, old, big, small, classy or trashy-- these events celebrate diversity in all its wondrous fabulousity.

Well on Sunday, Miami Beach held their Pride Parade and I can report that it was great fun. Although I missed most of the parade (including Chaz Bono as Grand Marshal), I enjoyed walking around in a sea of friendly faces and pretty colors. It was a celebratory atmosphere on an iconic stretch of beach that left very little to be desired. There was a healthy amount of important organizations and scantily clad boys. The music was pumping, the queens were fierce, the drinks were plentiful, and there were pretty boys as far as the eye can see.

The sweetest part of the parade I managed to catch is pictured to the left. The two handsome boys atop the wedding cake are my pals Alex and Harold! They were chosen to represent the married gays as part of their church float. I can't think of two more perfect boys to pick for the task.

I was also lucky enough to spend most of the day at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Victor. In truth, very little in life makes me as happy as dancing with my friends. Although my style is getting dangerously close to Marcia Brady territory, I danced ‘til sundown! A very special thanks goes out to my friend AP (above, middle) who always manages to put me at the epicenter of cool.

For a city that often feels stiflingly pretentious, this gay pride felt very much like being among family. It is my great hope to keep that feeling going year round.


Alexander Prieto said...

Awesome Article! Amazing time on sunday at the Victor! Glad you made it! And thank you for the shout out...made me smile and tear up a bit! my friends & people having a great time is why i do what i do! :)

Don Chung said...

Great artical! And Yes the gay community is a family and everybody is invited. That's what I love about us!