Thursday, April 5, 2012

Madonna releases Truth or Dare on Blu-ray

In Madonna-related news: On Tuesday she released the Blu-ray version of her 1991 visionary documentary/concert film Truth or Dare.

Click above to watch the trailer for the Blu-ray version of Truth or Dare and be reminded of just how fantastic the film really is.

--> I scoured the whole of Hialeah to find this on Tuesday night. After 3 stores, I finally got the only copy at Movie Stop. Anyway, if you just want to see Madonna at the pinnacle of her career, her most brazen, her most strong-willed, her most beautiful and the beginning of the most controversial era in her career, this is the documentary to watch.

Long before Lady Gaga, the queen of pop was forcing us to expand our horizons, ask questions and taught us to show love and compassion and equal treatment for all and this is why she is a true legend.

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