Thursday, April 12, 2012

Madonna has biggest second week drop in chart history

Madonna earned a dubious distinction this week with the biggest second-week sales drop for a No. 1 album in at least 21 years.

Her latest album, MDNA, opened at No. 1 last week, but its sales have plunged. It landed at No. 8 this week with 48,000 copies sold, down from 359,000. That is an 86.7% drop, which Billboard says is the biggest second-week decline for a No. 1 album since 1991, when the magazine began using SoundScan’s data to compile its charts.

Madonna has done some high-profile promotion of the album, including playing the Super Bowl halftime show, a pop-in at the recent Ultra Music Festival in Miami, a Facebook interview and Twitter Q&A, but the combination of lukewarm reviews and two singles that failed to gain traction may have done the album in.

MDNA has not produced anything like a hit single, no radio play or anything to provide organic promotion. And the reviews (mine included) have not been kind.

If the numbers hold, Madonna's drop will outpace one of her biggest acolytes, Lady Gaga, who suffered an 84% dip in week two for Born This Way. (That album's sales were goosed by a discount 99-cent sale in its first week.) Then again, Gaga moved more than 1.1 million copies in her bow.

But Madonna’s concert tour with Live Nation will be a big hit, so it’s not like we have to worry about her.

(Via ArtsBeat, MTV News, and Forbes)

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