Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adele talks Beyonce, next single, and album plans

Adele's professional crush on Beyonce isn't wavering. According to Billboard, the British pop phenom recently told French radio station NRJ that she “adores” the American R&B star and is eager to record a song with her.

“I've been listening to her since I was about 11. I think her work as an artist and a singer is enviable in terms of the length of her career and how she's grown and grown," said the songstress. "Most of my inspirations are [from] old music, and sadly they have all died."

The Grammy winner has said that she's ready to get back in the studio, and she said in the interview that a new single will come out "probably by the end of the year."

Will it be the theme song for the next James Bond flick? The BBC seems to think so. They're predicting Adele's next tune will accompany Skyfall, which hits theaters this November.

Even if this is the case, it looks like fans will still have to wait a while longer for a full musical entree - perhaps as long as two years.

"If I didn't write my own songs, I'd be out next week with a new album," Adele told the radio station. "I have to take time and live a little bit. There were a good two years between my first and second albums, so it'll be the same this time."

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