Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twenty-somethings living at home labeled spoiled, lazy

Michael Hayne has a few bones to pick. Namely, those of Dana Perinio:
So you remember how a small group of oligarchs, banksters, and politicians collectively allowed their blind avarice and risky financial measures (or “casino capitalism”) to bring the entire world’s economy to its very knees, begging for sweeping bailouts from the unbeknownst unwashed masses in order to return to the very same greedy and risky ways that caused the economic abortion in the first place?

And certainly you remember (it’s still going on) how these same monied interests bought their own personal teabagger Republicans to make sure the all the blame went towards all those ever-so greedy school teachers, firemen, students, and low to middle-income people,–all of whom were the ones who were forced with layoffs, pay cuts, and significant austerity measures?

And, in the midst of all this insane and uncaring bickering were the nation’s twenty-somethings–forced with tuition hikes during a recession and a total dearth of financial opportunity in the job market, eventually succumbed to the ultimate humiliation of moving back in with their parents. Well, guess what: Fox News’ Dana Perino thinks you’re all a bunch of lazy, spoiled brats.

After making a fairly decent living being a professional sycophant and equivocator as Press Secretary to the Bush Administration (think a slightly smarter and less folksy version of Sarah Palin), Dana Perino did what every soulless person with little wit and even littler morals would do: she joined Fox News as a commentator.

During a recent broadcast of Fox News’ The Five, Perino took her complete and utter lack of knowledge of the world around her when she made the following breathtakingly out of touch comments regarding today’s struggling twenty-somethings, saying, “Young adults living with their parents are ‘very spoiled and have tons of stuff, so why would they leave?”

But of course! Why on earth would any twenty-something who lived on Ramen noodles (or discarded Ramen Noodles cartons); studied real hard for 4 or more years; and worked two or more jobs in order to continue paying down the monstrously expensive college loans that are required in order to step foot in a university, choose to get well-paying jobs upon graduation and mortgage lenders for a home of their own when they could simply live in mom and dad’s furnished basement and get monthly Netflix privileges?

Getting back to reality, with the average student debt being slightly above $25,000 and recent grads searching for work to no avail, college grads are forced into work totally irrelevant to their schooling (IE, you may just be able to discuss metaphysics and Cooley’s sociological concepts with a waiter or janitor) and work that they were told they would be doing had they not went to college and studied hard. That’s assuming they can even find it or it isn’t temporary.

Perhaps Perino should leave the artificial reality of Fox News that pays her handsomely to say such phenomenally moronic things and read this twenty-somethings struggle to find work.

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