Monday, March 5, 2012

Prop 8 play raised $2 million, attracted 200K viewers online

Towleroad reports: The star-studded Los Angeles premiere of Dustin Lance Black's play 8, about the Proposition 8 trial which was streamed on Saturday night via YouTube, attracted 200,000 online viewers according to director Rob Reiner, and raised more than $2 million (double what it raised in NYC) for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

EW reports on the show, and on changes that were made since the NY premiere:
“I felt after the New York version that I wanted to know the plaintiffs more, I wanted to know their personal stories more,” Black told EW after the show. “So I took out a few of the legal arguments that were a bit I guess redundant in a way, or at least they made the same point twice in two different ways. And I added more personal stories. Really, in the end, it’s the personal stories that change people’s minds.”
More details on the cast, crew, and audience, from the Hollywood Reporter.

If you haven't seen the whole production, it's a must, and you can watch it here.

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