Friday, January 20, 2012

Theater to host Beaches sing and cry-a-long

ArtsBeat reports: Behavior that normally would get an audience member kicked out of a screening is welcome at movie sing-a-longs. Throwing rice at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, hand-jiving at Grease, twirling in a dirndl at The Sound of Music are all acceptable forms of fan appreciation.

But later this month something even more unusual will be encouraged at a movie sing-a-long: sobbing. On Jan. 28 the 92nd Street Y TriBeCa will host a Beaches Sing and Cry-a-long! According to the the Y’s Web site, patrons will “experience this tearjerker in an environment where shameless weeping is encouraged.” Tissues will be available.

Beaches directed by Garry Marshall and released in 1988, stars Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey as lifelong friends whose relationship is tested by a love triangle, failed marriages, single parenthood and — enter the tears — a fatal illness. [Ed. note: If you haven't seen it, don't talk to me.]

Cristina Cacioppo, the film programmer at the 92nd Street Y TriBeCa, said Beaches and its cult-like following made it the perfect fit for her as-yet untested teary twist on the sing-along formula.

“‘Beaches’ has songs and and it has emotions,” she said. “I think that’s a good way for me to test out the idea of a cry-along.”

Ms. Cacioppo recently spoke with ArtsBeat about crying at Beaches as a child and feminist moviegoing. Read the interview here.

--> It goes without saying how much I'd LOVE to attend this thing. Unfortunately, nothing cool like this ever happens in Miami.

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