Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reflections on last night's Drag Race

[Editor's note] Let me preface this by saying I know exactly 3 things about drag queens: 1) Priscilla Queen of the Desert 2) Miss Coco Peru and 3) the steps set fourth by Miss Vida Boheme. A fine trinity of Queer Bibledom to be sure.

Well last night, at the behest of some gay pals, I was invited to watch the first episode (of the 4th season) of RuPaul's Drag Race. Bad gay that I am, I haven't really seen much of the previous seasons. Strict TV schedules, like boyfriends, are hard for me to stick to. But I digress...

So last night's episode inappropriately touched my inner gay geek. The opening challenge was to design a drag zombie for what was dubbed the "Rupocalypse".

Of course they were all cool, and fabulous, and brassy. Not least of which Miami's own Latrice Royale. But truth be told, one queen stood out above the rest. Her name? Sharon Needles, AKA:

<-- This bitch.

The scary-lookin' mother fella here before you had me in her corner at first glance. When asked to describe herself, Needles says she's "beautiful, spooky and stupid." She's a fire cracker brimming with talent and a smart mouth-- and scary contact lenses.

Michael K describes her as a "Real Housewife of Silent Hill. Sharon Needles was born one night in Pittsburgh when Courtney Love's favorite heroin-shooting vein busted open and squirted all into the gutter as Marilyn Manson jacked off on a Nina Hagen voodoo doll." I can't add anymore to that. I'm just nodding in agreement.

But don't listen to us. What the hell do we know? Judge for yourself by watching her cast video below:

Needles Needless to say, I'm betting it all on Sharon Needles for the big win.

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