Monday, January 30, 2012

Naked Boys Singing closes after 13 years

Photo caption: Michael Chapman in Naked Boys Singing in 2007.

ArtsBeat reports: The Naked City got a little more modest this weekend when “Naked Boys Singing!,” the all-male, all-nude musical revue, closed on Saturday night after an almost 13-year run in New York.

Conceived and directed by Robert Schrock, Naked Boys Singing! originated at the Celebration Theater in Hollywood in 1998. The show opened in New York at the Actors Playhouse in the West Village in 1999, with Mr. Schrock also directing. The premise is like any other revue, but naked: actors come out unclothed and spend some 70 minutes singing and dancing to mostly gay-themed numbers about the male form and people who love it.

Still the most unusual performance came when gay nudists bought the entire house one Saturday night. After Actors’ Equity and the city’s board of health signed off, the nudist event was given the green light.

“They all came in and they were all dressed,” said Carl White, a producer and the general manager of the show, (who, along with the crew, was the only clothed person in attendance). “They each had these gallon-sized baggies. The group leader says it’s for their clothes. He disrobes in front of me, puts his clothes in the baggie, slides it under his seat, takes a towel out of another bag, puts it over the seat and sits down. That was one of the funniest things.”

Mr. White said the decision to close Naked Boys Singing! in New York wasn’t because of sluggish box office but because the show and New World Stages “could not make the schedule work."

He declined to discuss how much money the show has made at the box office or through licensing. But Scott Delacruz, the show’s production supervisor, provided some other numbers that you can see here.

--> I've seen the production in its film version and laughed 'til my sides were sore. It was a brilliantly executed, cheeky show-- pun intended.

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