Vanity Fair recreates West Side Story

Long-time Jerry Curl readers can attest to our fandom for all things West Side Story. We own soundtracks and special edition DVDs, creamed our pants at it's Broadway revival, and generally wish we were a part of the Sharks... to wish perchance to dream.

Anyway, to celebrate West Side Story's return to Broadway, Vanity Fair shot an homage to the musical starring Camilla Belle (as Maria), Jennifer Lopez (as Anita), Rodrigo Santoro (as Bernardo), Chris Evans (as Riff) and Ben Barnes (as Tony). Others included Brittany Snow, Jay Hernandez, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Tisdale, Cam Gigandet and Drake Bell who also make cameos throughout.
(Via Dlisted)


Chris Evans? I'm so there. I'd step over my own mother to get to that man.

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